Marriage Celebrant
  Karen Dearing J.P

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Why have a Memorial Celebration

Life celebration services are becoming more popular, most people are now opting to have private funeral services with just close family and then hold a memorial celebration with guests and other family members. This celebration can be held anytime, it can be a week after the funeral service or a month or their birthday or anniversary, it is entirely up to you when you decide to plan this celebration.

Life celebrations are about love, it means you are taking the time to express and share the love that you felt for that person. It's important to celebrate but not at the expense of acknowledging that someone important has gone. The best services mix many memories, encouragement and comfort. 


                                                                                          This is a time you need to share that loss, to learn to laugh and to share your 

                                                                                          thoughts and feelings with one another.

Where Can I Hold a Celebration

A memorial celebration can be held anywhere, is there a favourite place your loved one liked to go on a weekend, did that person go fishing or golfing, did they like gardening. There are so many ideas that you can use to create the memorable memorial celebration for your loved one.

Who Can Conduct the Celebration

Celebrants are becoming more popular and will honour a family's wishes and will present the type of celebration that you wish. This is a time where the planning of the service belongs to the family and will be conducted according to your individual needs.

Ideas for Creating the Memorable Celebration

1.Create a memory table - What were your loved ones interests or hobbies. Gather some of the things that were precious to them and have them displayed on a decorated table at the entrance to the service. For example: did they paint - why not display some of their work and paint brushes.

2.Another popular idea is the memory board where guests can gather and reminisce, the boards are readily available at most stationary stores or art shops.

3.At the funeral service -  there would have been eulogies, these are sure to bring back memories. Hand out some cards and have your friends, family and guests share their own memories. this could be the one opportunity where you have everyone together to get their thoughts and memories of the loved one. These cards can be read on special occasions and handed down over the generations to come. A memory tree is also another option too, the cards can be placed on the tree.

4.Candle Lighting  Ceremony - Candle lighting ceremonies are becoming very popular for a variety of occasions and celebrations such as weddings and baby namings and now memorial celebrations. Family and friends light a candle as part of the celebration. The candle light is not only symbolic of your loved one, but it encourages each and everyone to remember them and think about all the moments spent with them.

5.Flowers - Are you creative with flowers or know someone who is.You could get a photo of your loved one, frame it with flowers, a feature that can be enjoyed for days and weeks after the service. What a wonderful and special way to add a special touch.

The above is just a small example of what can be achieved to set the tone for the celebration you want. Other ideas to consider are:

Name tags, plan a dove release, balloon release, book display, memorial hand outs - bookmarks, tree seedlings, pocket charms on the table for guests to take.

You may even like to consider guest book, readily available to purchase or get creative and make one and include some photos.

Whatever you decide, it needs to fit your wishes and reflect your loved ones memory.